Selling Instantly

The web-page Reshuffles Every time someone logon or visits the site i.e

*what Mr A see's is different from what Mr B see's.

The premium plan enables your item(s) stick to the first page and stay on-top in search result, In some Bundle plan when a visitor clicks that product,after visitor leaves site your update sticks with them and follows them anywhere they go on their web-browser.

The Premium plan has two categories

  • Front page promo
  • Business Bundle    

 Front Page Promo

You can place up-to 10ads on the front page to attract more views and sales. To promote a single ad(s) follow the process below:

  1. login (ensure you are logged in click the 3-lines on the right top-page
  2. click your account name(wait for the drop down list select my ads)
  3. scroll down and Click the ad you want to promote
  4. scroll down and click MAKE IT PREMIUM Or UPDATE DETAILS

NOTE: Ensure to select the right pricing plan (regular,cars,real-estate)

*To promote up-to 3ads,5ads,10ads at once please click this REGULAR, CAR AD, REAL-ESTATE AD . 

Business Bundle (recommended)

This means promoting Your account(all ads) on You are limited to posting up to 2ads a day in (car,real-estate)but unlimited in Regular ads, This is recommended as your ads are promoted on and every other partner sites. we partner with 

Nairland,,Naijanewspaper,Ogatalk,FufaGist,Vanguard etc

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