Free Weekly Promotions

Fufatrade Weekly Promotion


Every week Users are given the opportunity to gain access into the premium view for free. but each week is limited to a particular category. if the current week is Tech week then you are allowed to make your tech ad premium by clicking the update ad info on the ad you wish to promote in your account and choosing the plan you love this is cost free choose the offline payments method and as soon as we receive the request that you want to upgrade. we check to see that it is the right category that is been promoted that week by and that you are eligible and we will approve it by giving your ad 100 percent boost both on and other partnering sites.  

Who Is Eligible?

  • You must have an account on that is at least 2 months old 
  • You must have up to 5 ads currently running in your account
  • You must be following all of the fufatrade & fufagist social media platform (facebook,instagram,Youtube) 

For more details and assistance chat with an online agent now click on the chat button by the bottom of this page now to chat.